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Awareness is the key to prevention, and AETOSCAN provides a holistic body check-up giving detailed and accurate account of results that identifies potential health trends.



The improvement of economic conditions and changes in the way people think about health and well-being have resulted in the general public being increasingly concerned about staying healthy. People are now very concerned about how their bodies are functioning, to a degree that is unprecedented in our history. In addition, the world’s population structure is gradually aging, and governments around the world are placing increasing emphasis on healthcare-related welfare policies. These factors have resulted in continued growth in the global health care market, which is entering a stage of expansion and growth.


AETOSCAN uses a non-invasive measurement method and incorporates a cloud-based meridian analysis system. It also uses big data analysis methods to analyze meridian conditions, allowing the system to assess risks of future illnesses before they occur, thereby diagnosing the user’s underlying health conditions.



We have established a separate GMP health care equipment production plant capable of production (OEM) of Aetoscan products, thereby maintaining the high quality of our products.


We help our partner to build GMP facilities and technical documentations. Establish a working relationship with international firms to develop high-end implantable medical devices and manufacturing of ODM/OEM medical devices.



In December of 2015, Aetotech was awarded the Gold APICTA Award for the Asia-Pacific Health Care Division; In March of 2015, we participated in “Germany’s iF Design Awards” and won the iF Product Design Award for product structural design.



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