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The “Cloud-Based Meridian Health Management Platform” developed by Aetotech can find the relationship between measured data and the function of the patient’s internal organs via the AETOSCAN cloud-based meridian health management device, thereby identifying the patient’s potential health issues. In order to conduct even faster and more accurate analysis, AETOSCAN makes use of data from many years of collaborative research with various institutions and selects measurement points based on China’s Meridian Theory.


The AETOSCAN system uses non-invasive “sensors” to collect data regarging the user’s health, which is then entered into the database in order to conduct varous statistical analyses. The measured data is sent through the network to the AETOSCAN database to engage in comparison calculations, thereby identifying the user’s current mode of health. All operations can be completed within a duration of 3 minutes.



The mission of Nankang Software Park is to create a world-class environment for software R&D and knowledge-based industry and to strive for technology upgrade. Based on the concept of resource sharing and recognizing the potential of Nankang Software Park to be a major venue in incubating the aspiring and upcoming high-tech entrepreneurs, the Government maintains quality professionals to provide consulting, training and implementation services. We are proud to announce that due to our remarkable growth at Taiwan area, we are moving to this new location on March 1.


Quality of Services


Total Quality Management, TQM

On-going Reliability Test, ORT

Manufacturing Verification Testing, MVT

Quality Verification Testing, QVT

Continuous Improvement Program, CIP

Supplier Quality Management,SQM

GMP & ISO 13485


Accroding to"the Act of Medical Device Management", medical devices are classified into 3 classes including class I (low risk), class II (moderate risk), class III (high risk) and a special category-new medical device. All devices should meet DOH GMP requirement except non-sterile class I devices and in vitro diagnostic reagent without measurement function. Our Authorized manufacture helps our company to produce high quality of medical devices with GMP certification.

Efficiently Product Production


Calibration process

Functional Evaluation

Communication Test

Professional IT Team


Our Professional Team is a knowledge based group which endeavors to provide best and wide spectrum of corporate services at one stop

Data Security Protection


Storage security is a key subject that needs to be addressed by all organisations.  We provide:

1. Software Data Encryption

2. Location Security

3. Remote replication

Online Security Protection


To enhance the fairness and efficiency of securities report analyzing works, as well as providing a computer system for disease prevention. We use various channels such as aeto-security easy access built in app to securities information.

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